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Members of Doctors Network receive every preventive, cosmetic, restorative, Invisalign®, dental implant, and prosthetic dental treatment at highly discounted costs. When you sign up for a direct dental plan in East Windsor, NJ, all of your treatment costs will follow the Doctors Network members-only fee schedule (see schedule below).

How a Direct Dental Plan Works

Doctors Network is a membership program that guarantees its member's significant savings on every type of dental treatment they receive. You can sign up for the direct dental plan with Dr. Thind at our East Windsor, NJ dental office and membership only costs a low monthly fee of $24.98 (which is determined by your dentist). As a member, you’ll save up to 90% on the costs of maintaining, improving, or restoring your smile every time you visit our office.

The Significant Savings You’ll Enjoy

When you don’t have insurance, sticking to a schedule of preventive dental visits can quickly become too expensive to maintain. When you do have insurance, the constantly changing deductibles and shrinking annual maximums can make your coverage inadequate and more frustrating. The goal of a direct dental plan is to take this uncertainty out of the equation. Membership in the plan grants you access to Doctors Network’s fee schedule, which includes savings of up to 90% on all dental treatments, including:

  • Checkups and cleanings (including X-rays) = $25
  • Urgent Care/Emergency Exams and X-rays = $25
  • Tooth Fillings = $35 - $65
  • Dental Crowns = $500
  • Dental Implants (not including the crown) = $600

*To access the complete fee schedule, click here.

Benefit from a Direct Dental Plan

The majority of PPO and DMO dental insurance plans, such as Aetna, Cigna Dental, Delta Dental, Guardian, and MetLife Dental, can often be more of a burden than a benefit. Doctors Network eliminates the confusion and uncertainty so you can focus on receiving the dental care you need. Whether you have insurance or not, a direct dental plan can benefit you in several ways, including:

  • No Annual Maximum –

Annual maximums, or caps, are among the biggest reasons why today’s insurance plans are often disappointing. Some caps hover around $1,000 to $1,500, which can leave patients with substantial out-of-pocket costs for their families’ dental care. By contrast, a direct dental plan is never capped. Your visits and treatments will always be discounted according to the Doctors Network fee schedule, even when you need more extensive care.

  • No Waiting Period –

Since a direct dental plan isn’t insurance, you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of time signing up. The process can usually be completed in about five minutes, and you don’t need to provide information such as proof of income or employment. When you visit your dentist, you won’t have to wait until an insurance company approves your treatment, which further reduces the amount of time you have to wait to be seen.

  • No Deductible or Denied Claims –

Ask Dr. Thind About Signing Up

Dr. Thind and our team joined Doctors Network to provide high-quality dental care at a more affordable cost to all of our patients. Signing up for a direct dental plan gives you access to significant discounts and the process is simpler than signing up for insurance.

The good news is that a direct dental plan is not insurance, so you can still sign up even if you already have coverage. Working together with your insurance, the plan will further reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

For answers to more questions about Doctors Network, or if you’re ready to benefit from a direct dental plan, contact Dr. Thind at Applegarth Dental and Orthodontics today, or call Doctors Network at 1-866-800-3168.





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