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Fillings, crowns, and bridges fill separate roles, but they all accomplish two essential goals: They restore and replace teeth while giving you a better-looking smile. Dr. Alahari and the team at Applegarth Dental works with each patient, recommending the best solution for their individual dental needs and ensuring they’re happy with the result. Whether you need a filling for a cavity, a crown to cover a tooth, or a crown or bridge to replace missing teeth, call the office in East Windsor, New Jersey, or book an appointment online.

Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown may serve one of two purposes:

Restores, strengthens, or protects a tooth

A dental crown encases an existing tooth that’s cracked or broken, improves the appearance of discolored or crooked teeth, or preserves a tooth that’s weak from decay or a root canal.

Replaces a missing tooth

A dental crown may replace a single missing tooth by being anchored to a dental implant.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge usually replaces one missing tooth, but it can replace more than one if they’re adjoining teeth. Bridges improve your appearance and prevent surrounding teeth from moving out of their regular positions.

A bridge is often attached to the neighboring teeth on either side of the gap, but it can also be anchored with an implant or other supportive structures.

What is the procedure for getting a crown or bridge?

Both require a two-step process. During your first visit, the tooth receiving the crown or the teeth anchoring the bridge is prepared by removing a small part of the existing teeth. Then your dentist makes an impression of your teeth and sends it to the lab that produces the crown or bridge.

When the crown or bridge is ready, your temporary prosthetic is removed, and the permanent one is bonded to your tooth.

What materials are used for dental fillings?

A dental filling repairs an area of your tooth weakened by decay. It also restores the shape and strength of your tooth.

Dental fillings can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common are silver amalgam, composite resin, and gold. Although gold is long-lasting, it’s expensive and noticeable every time you smile.

Composite resins are popular because they match the natural color of your teeth. This type of filing, however, may not be possible for large fillings, because it’s more likely to chip over time. Resins also tend to stain and don’t last as long as amalgam fillings.

When you need dental care for tooth decay, missing teeth, or teeth that need to be restored, you can count on the expert care of the team at Applegarth Dental, so call the office or book an appointment online.